Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day

I’m in the drive through line at the Chick-Fil-A north of Birmingham. Yes it’s CFA Appreciation Day or some such deal… but I appreciate CFA for entirely different reasons.

I have 5 kids, and my 4 boys have all worked at this great restaurant (3 of them currently all work at the store in Cool Springs in Nashville). This is a great organization that helped my two oldest sons become the incredible men they are today, and I’m expecting the same for my youngest boys.

CFA has instilled a great work ethic in them that reflects the faith we share. Before you applaud this, the ethic of which I speak has nothing to do with lifestyle choices, sexual orientation, or any issues the Christian community typically condemns.

Condemns… there is the rub. I have a great many friends all over this planet. Many are Christians; many are not. Some are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or some other faith. Some are even drummers! Lol

But they all share one thing. They are my friends! And hopefully if you know me at all, you’ll know what and Who I believe. Some of these friends are straight… some are gay. Some claim belief in a Higher Power, and some believe in nothing.

But no matter what they do or do not believe, I care for them. They are my friends. They know I’ll be their friend no matter what.

And if you are my friend, then you know that I love to talk. A lot! And much of that talk will invariably lead toward belief and life and love and loss and hopes and fears and dreams… I could go on (and my friends will attest to this!).

My friends know my beliefs and my dreams and my heart. But one thing they will never receive from me is judgement! I’m too worthy of judgement that I have no right whatsoever to pass a sentence over anyone else.

But one thing these friends will always receive from me is grace. Not acceptance or approval or even tolerance. Grace.

You see, there have been many times I have deserved judgement, but God extended grace and mercy instead. I’m sure I’ll need this grace again and again and again.

So, I appreciate CFA because this restaurant is teaching my kids how to work hard, and to appreciate their customers and coworkers. Married, single, straight, gay… whatever.

Oh yeah… I like their chicken too!

Grace and love,



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  1. But you know they give money to organizations that lobby for legislation that prevents gay and lesbian people from receiving the same rights you have, right? And you know that in 31 states gay people can be fired for being gay and while CFA doesn’t, they are just keeping their hands clean and donating to organizations that do the dirty work. It is all very yucky, under the table, and creates a facade for hate. Good that your kids are doing well, but I would think you had more to do with it than a part time, high school job.

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