Chattanooga Summit

Hello from Lookout Mountain! What a great month…the beach a few weeks ago and now the mountains. Well, specifically the aforementioned Lookout Mountain. I’m here in the Chattanooga, TN area playing electric guitar with my friend Kellee McCoy (the worship leader at the Chapel Service at Dawson Baptist in Birmingham). The camp we’re playing up here at Covenant College is appropriately called “Summit”, which has been meeting each summer for 19 years now!

I’ve been up here since Sunday, but updates have been few and far between, as we have to drive down the mountain to the local Krystal and their free WiFi (and Krystal Chicks…but we have to pay for those!). But I do have some thoughts to share with you…as always, these are free!

Monday, I was listening to a local radio station and heard that June 19th is widely held as the offical day for the Emancipation of the slaves here in America. Slavery seems to be a recurring theme in what God is showing me these days through my travels. My trips to Ireland and the story of “Amazing Grace” (written by former slave trader John Newton, who later became one of the leaders in the Abolishionist movement in England) reminded me how important June 19th is to African-Americans. But thinking about all this reminded me of when I was in slavery…slavery to my sin. My ’emancipation day’ was March 9, 1975. That was the day when I surrendered my heart and life to Jesus Christ. While I struggle daily with the scars of my former servitude, God is still working in my life to make me into a devoted follower of Christ. Thank God for His endless mercy…I guess I could quote one of my own songs and say that “Love Never Fails”.

We’ve been leading these students each morning and evening, and we’ve experienced some incredible times of worship. One of the key things I’ve learned is from a statement made by our guest speaker, John Hickman. He remarked how God has been meeting us in a ‘mountain-top experience’, but we never seem to ask why this happens in this environment. He said it’s because we have been ‘fasting from the world, and feasting on the Word’. Wow…what truth! God has been leading our home group back in Spring Hill in this same manner, so it’s no coincidence that He’s continuing this theme in my life this week.

The more I travel and the more people I meet, I have found a great commonality in how God is working and doing. How exciting to be a part of such a work. Stay open to what He wants to do in your life and ‘spheres of influence’.

Love you guys! Keep praying for us!