There was an old, old TV commercial in the 70’s (yes there was TV back then… all 3 channels) with a tagline that said “… we’ll serve no wine before it’s time”. I assume that meant ‘we’ll serve you when we’re good and ready’!

So when it comes to songs and projects, I’ve always followed that mantra. Don’t release until it’s ready. I’m in the writing and pre-production phase for a project unlike any other I’ve done, really. It’s way too early for details but it will combine music, video, and blogging (yes, blogging) in a rather cool and unique way.

We’ve been struggling with the lyrics to one of the songs… struggling and losing, honestly. I went back to my journal to see if I could find any snippet of an idea to get this song out of the ICU. That’s when I stumbled across “Captured”. Well, it wasn’t called that back in 2009 when I scribbled down the fragment or two of an idea. But in best Nashville parlance “I saw something different” on the day I was looking for an idea.

I’ve always loved songs that are different. There was an old Simon & Garfunkel tune called “Bookends” that was about a minute or so long. But it was so poignantly perfect… so complete that it didn’t need more than the one verse. To stretch it into a standard pop radio form would’ve been a crime.

So in that spirit, I took the snippet I re-discovered and just let it become what it is… nothing more, nothing less. It’s a song about realizing your humanity with all it’s faults and frailties, but discovering the One that can redeem our broken parts. The last line is my fav… it’s a bit of a paradox, but maybe that’s why I like it!

So I’ll end by breaking my rule and share with you the lyric to this ‘songlet’. I can’t wait for you to hear the end result. But my prayer for this moment would be for these words to find lodging in the heart of the person out there that needs to be free. I pray that Holy Spirit will capture and redeem…


My heart of flesh may fail
These feet of clay crumble beneath me
Friends turn and walk away
But you have captured my heart
And your love has redeemed me…
And I… don’t want to run from you
I want to run to you
And I… don’t want to sing for you
I want to sing to you

You have captured my heart…
Your love has freed me…

Thankful to the Father for a captured and freed heart!


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