Camp Voyager 2006

Hello from beautiful (but incredibly hot) Camp Voyager! The mountains of North Carolina are still gorgeous, just in case you were worried.

It’s Day Two of camp and already we’ve had some incredible moments. We’ve been doing this camp for FBC Spartanburg for 4 years now, so the first day or so is filled with seeing old friends, and seeing how all these 4-6th grade students have grown!

That’s one of the joys of being in a ministry like Project Onefifty; it enables me the freedom to partner with fellow ministries like that of Kevin Williams and others. The cool thing is that we are all out there doing Kingdom work, since we’re all on the same team, right?

One of the other special things about this camp is the staff of Camp Blue Star, comprised mainly of international students from literally all over the world. Each night after the kids are in bed, the staff will come and hang out at the snack shack. Since they’ve been hearing us play each day and night, it gives us an instant ‘in’. We come and hang with them and talk about all kinds of things. It’s fun just to sit back and listen to people from Britain, Australia, Russia, Poland, Canada, etc. find commonality and community. Through the years we’ve met and shared with many of these folks. Imagine coming to North Carolina expecting one level of ministry and finding yourself on a mission field!

But that’s the mindset we need daily; we’re ‘on mission’ whether we’re in Tennessee or Ponte Tresa, Italy. I’m learning that the work we do in Project Onefifty is all about helping the local church, whatever the locality.

Ok, I’ll run for now. On my next post I’ll try to put up some pics of our friends here, old or new, young or old!