Buncrana (part 3) final night

Whew…our time in Buncrana is almost over (its been a whirlwind day or two). We definitely ramped up into the events for our final weekend on the Emerald Isle. Tonight we played a concert for all the folks who heard us in the various places around town. As always with a tour like this, by the time you finish you are tight and ready to go on the road…lol! It was really amazing seeing how the three of us from completely differing musical backgrounds worked so well together. There literally was something for everyone! We did record the event and Jason’s “Love Song For The Curse” was simply fantastic! Tony and I had talked earlier in the week about getting some of Jasons songs recorded so the rest of you can learn what a talented artist he is.

Before the concert, Mike Mullins drove us around the area and took us to the place on Loch Swilley where Amazing Grace author John Newton made landfall and gave his heart to Christ after being heavily involved in the African slave trade. This is an amazing story (pun intended) that needs to be told. I encourage you to pick up a book by Rolling Stone writer Steve Turner called Amazing Grace. Its written in two sections, the first of which is Newtons biography; the second half is a biography of sorts of the hymn itself, which has been recorded by literally thousands of artists (including yours truly).

Next year will be the 200th anniversary of the writing of the hymn, and the town council of Buncrana is planning to open a visitors center, as well as commissioning a status commemorating Newton and the hymn and Buncranas role in the story. I am praying about what Project Onefifty can do to be part of this event. People dont know that Newton was integral in the abolition of slavery in England…and Gods grace was at the heart of Newtons transformation from slaver to hymn writer. And when you think of how many of us have adopted his hymn as our song of testimony to Gods grace in our lives…it really is amazing!

Tomorrow morning is an early call as we travel by bus down to Dublin for our final event, a mini-concert and song writing workshop at the Irish Cultural Center. And then…home!

Its been an interesting trip and not without a few bumps…but I know that God has had us well in hand, and that you were all praying for us. Thank you again for joining me in this journey of guitars and grace!

Love you guys!