Buncrana (part 2)

Ok…where did I leave off? What a great day (so far). This morning,
Durand and I helped lead worship
at the church here. I gave an oh-so-brief version of my testimony.
After the music, we shared
communion and Durand challenged us to find new ways for the church to
be good neighbors to the community.

After a great Irish lunch of fish and chips, we played at the Drift
Inn. Another beautiful pub/restaurant
(it was the old train station). Arsenal was playing Manchester, so as
to not offend the fans, we played
with the telly left on (but the sound down). Manchester did win, but we
had a great time. Jason’s song
“Love Song For The Curse” went down very well.

The bartender (Paul) loved us and wants to know when we’ll be back.
There was a great couple
(Seamus and Mary) that I had a wonderful conversation with. Seems that Seamus is
a bit of a guitarist himself
and he bought my CD (as did Paul); they both asked me to sign their copies. Very
sweet folks; It’s difficult not to
fall in love with these people and this island.

Ok…this update will be in three parts, as it’s time for a traditional
dinner of spaghetti (traditional at the
Vinson home anyway…lol). Tonight we have a concert and we hope that
many of the folks we’ve met
at the two pubs will be there.

Love you gang!!