“Blues for Antonio”… an Evening of Sacred Blues

Wow! I had almost forgotten about this song… we played this cool event for Rick Sutton called “Sacred Blues” and I pulled out this blues tune I wrote back in Italy years ago.? Until the night of this video, it had never been performed… sure was fun!

To give you a little history… this instrumental tune was inspired by our friend Pastor Antonio in Lugano, Switzerland. He loved the blues and wanted us to play “Christian blues and jazz” at every concert! He lost his young son not long after we toured over there and this song represents a little of what I imagined he must have felt…? deep sorrow at his tragic loss… but eventually turning to joy in the knowledge that his son was healed and whole in God’s Presence…


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  1. Can I just say “WOW” Keep that music coming on !!! Can wait until the next one. GREAT !! Absolutely mind blowing.

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