Artist Gathering…now I know I’m not crazy!

Hi guys!

I know what you’re thinking…two posts in one week and he’s not on tour…what’s the deal? The ‘deal’ was a gathering of artists from all disciplines and genres, held this past Tuesday night at the Chapel of the People’s Church in Franklin, TN (where we’ve plugged in as a family), and hosted by Randy Elrod and Ken Davis. Randy is another one of us crazy folks who’ve stepped away from their career to follow God’s call. For the past years Randy has been the Worship Arts Pastor at TPC, and has been a great influence to me in the short time we’ve been here, both on and off stage.

Several folks shared their vision and callings, and you can follow the link above to hear Randy’s new mission (to develop a facility in the Nashville area to equip and encourage artists). But the underlying message was that God is raising up artists in every area to a new work and style of ministry. I’m not talking artistic style…but the realization that God is NOT calling us to ‘business as usual’.

As I sat in this room with about 50 other artists (many ‘names’ that you’d instantly recognize; and many other ‘unknowns’ like me), I was overwhelmed by the comfort of Holy Spirit as He once again confirmed in my heart and spirit the ‘rightness’ of where we’ve been called. I can’t tell you just how many times I’ve questioned everything about this move and this call. I’m almost ashamed to admit my distrust, as God has done some incredible things just to get us here…and He has been faithful to provide in many miraculous ways in the past nine months.

I was so moved by this gathering, I went up to Randy afterward to express my thanks. But all I could get out of my mouth was the phrase “now I know I’m not crazy”! I know that he knew exactly what I meant. I mean…it’s crazy to leave a great job and risk your family and life in such adventures. Project Onefifty is a few years old now and I’m still trying to figure it all out!

But thank God I know someone who does have it all figured out. He knows full well ‘the plan’ and our place. Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to support us. Continue to pray that we will faithfully follow the Call.

Love you guys!