A World Unbroken

Still standing

I am Job without the righteousness
Wandering from room to room
Remembering ten years gone
Moments of eternity, moments gone too soon
Overhead a roof that’s not my own
I dreamed of a world unbroken
Now I live with broken dreams
I’m waiting for an answer to my call
And longing for the solace of the fall

One Reply to “A World Unbroken”

  1. Life never turns out like we think. I have felt the agony of defeat. The depression of my failures. The hopelessness in broken dreams. Wanted to give up so many times. But then the rush of truth as He whispers I’m not finished with you. I will flood you with grace upon grace for each moment.
    Seems like I have gone backwards and peaked too early. But I know whom I have believed in and I’m persuaded that He who began this work in me will complete it – up to His standard of satisfaction not mine. I love you Mister Vinson! You are an inspiration. Do not grow weary of well doing!!!!

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