A New Thing

“May you live in interesting times…” (Ancient Chinese proverb)

Interesting times indeed. The easy temptation for me at this moment would be to rant about the current social and political climate of our world. I’ll leave that to others more qualified to judge.

I have no place on that bench!

Oh I’ve had enough ‘interesting times’ to qualify for that candidacy. Born in the 60s, grew up in the 70s, survived the 80s, ran from the 90s, and found myself in the new millennium with a new task…

A New Thing.

Throughout four of the aforementioned decades, I’ve been a Christian… a believer… a Christ-follower. I think I’ve always believed… but I certainly haven’t always followed. There have been times in my life that, were it not for the freely bestowed gift of Grace, my eternal destination would be beach-side in Sheol (and that’s not a retirement home on the Gulf… lol).

Growing up and working in churches of various denominations, I’ve heard over and over about the power of God and his plan for me and you and this ‘interesting’ world we share. One phrase would resound over and over, whether spoken by a Baptist missionary or a Pentecostal prophet:

“God is doing a New Thing!”

Oddly enough, it looked like the ‘old thing’. But I digress…

Just because I didn’t and don’t always have the spiritual radar to see this new thing, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Because it IS happening. Check this out:

A Christian music hit-maker from the 90s embarks on an incredible God-birthed and destined project… at an age and time when he’s supposed to go quietly into this good night and just write and produce.

A new thing…

A group of men gather every Tuesday night at a home or around a bonfire or in a restaurant, doing all the things guys do (insert ‘guy’ sounds and smells here)… but in their fellowship they wrestle with each others’ lives, their trials and temptations, their joy and pain… they are in a battle for their hearts.

A New Thing…

A ‘perfect’ family thinks they have their life and world figured out, then crashes and burns in a mighty way. The fall is indeed mighty… but the Redemption is mightier. And even after enduring scorn and ridicule from the church, they boldly proclaim the story of forgiveness, healing, and mercy. The story is not finished, but the Grace is real and ongoing.

A New Thing!

These are but a few of the many stories I come across (I think my radar got an upgrade). They are real and raw and powerful in the extreme. God is doing so many ‘new things’ that I can’t keep up!

But it’s really just old news.

The Story is not new, but very, very old. Ancient even. Written “… before the foundations of the world” at a time before the very first Fall.

This New Thing is not a new Gospel… it’s the rock-solid never-changing foundation of God’s Love, Christ’s Sacrifice, and the Spirits’ Move.

It’s happening… don’t miss it.

So my prayer for you today is this…

May YOU live in interesting times… this day, this very moment.

You might just find yourself in something New…