It’s Maundy Thursday, and I’m trying to write about Easter.

But I got nothing. I posted on social media that my mind is as empty as the tomb on Sunday.

So I turn to that trick of writing called the timed free write.

So many voices talking about Easter. So many big musicals and cantatas and sunrise services and on and on and on.

It made me think of the stories of Moses and Elijah. All those dudes wanted was to see God. Moses had to be shoved into a crevice in the mountain and settle for a glimpse of God’s retreating back. Elijah saw the fireworks, but at least got to hear His true voice.

What did THAT sound like..?

All these church activities this week seem to me like what Elijah saw. The spectacle and power and glory. In the case of both Mo and Eli, God protected them from exploding into subatomic particles at even a glance of His face.

Time’s up.

I need the silence of the empty tomb to hear His whispering still small voice…