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“Fade Away…”

There is something deeply satisfying to me

When the spidery lines on a map becomes real.

When a numbered road becomes a name

And name becomes a place and a memory.

I like it best on days like this,

When the sun is shining yet the clouds look angry.

With music playing in my ears,

And beauty stretching before my eyes,

The fears of the nighttime simply fade away.

Even if only for a little while…


‘And then one day you find Ten years have got behind you No one told you when to run You missed the starting gun’ -Pink Floyd “Time” I woke up this morning to find a message in my inbox from a music biz friend. He was wishing me a happy work anniversary. Since I had […]

“God Gives Rocks”


There are days when you ask God for something, and all He gives you are rocks. With dreams unfulfilled, and a heart that’s been locked A life will be wasted, and a love will be lost But to a life overcoming, and a soul that’s been saved A white stone will be given And a […]

The Locked Gate

An old rusty lock on a gate to nowhere

I started this post this morning while actually walking, dictating a broken version of the following into my phone. I’ve tried to preserve the tone and feel of my thoughts. The image attached to this post still flays my soul… I’ve walked this path at Thompsons Station Park so many times I’ve lost count, but […]

Iggy and the New Day

Necessity has brought me to this time and place. The optics of my camera phone are inadequate to capture the imagery I see in these moments before dawn, so I must use the inadequacy of words instead. I start the timer for my five minute deadline. Go! Snatches of unfinished lyrics spring to mind from […]


Some stories are timeless. No matter the form or medium, we never tire of the telling. It was in my mind to attempt a reimagining of one such tale. Truth is unchanging and eternal, but the distance between pride and love is great. To narrow the gap requires a dangerous grace and a mercy that […]


I’ve been trying in vain to write about Holy Week. I came to the realization early this morning that I don’t really care about “Easter” anymore. I don’t care how many services you have. Or how early you celebrate. I don’t care what you wear, or care if you think it matters what I wear. […]

It’s Maundy Thursday, and I’m trying to write about Easter. But I got nothing. I posted on social media that my mind is as empty as the tomb on Sunday. So I turn to that trick of writing called the timed free write. So many voices talking about Easter. So many big musicals and cantatas […]

“After Midnight”

This is a Five Minute Free Write, where I literally write for five minutes and then time is up, and I hit ‘save.’ If it weren’t for the traffic, I would’ve missed it… It was a beautiful Saturday morning, approximately fourteen hours ago from the time of this writing. I had decided to take advantage […]

“Extra! Extra!”

Deacon Claybourne of Nashville TV show

“My name is George, and this past Thursday I was an alcoholic.” Well…only on television. I had the opportunity to be an extra on the hit ABC show “Nashville” that shoots here in town, and was cast to be a recovering addict (along with about 30 other guys). Despite the ridicule of family and friends, […]